Healthy Living? What?

Okay, so the concept of healthy living has always eluded me.

I struggle with the concept. I do not enjoy any sort of healthy raw food. Not even a little bit. Green peppers? Yuck. No thank you.

I have a hard time with this. Constantly on google trying to find the next best way to tone my love-handles or lose 5kg in a week etc. etc. Luck? aah no.

The one positive thing I have realised with everything I try.. Nothing on it’s own really works. But combine everything I’ve read and researched. Well I haven’t gained any weight this year, and trust me I eat what the fuck I want. When I want to. Ain’t no diet telling me that I can’t eat a sandwich.

Now my ‘tips’ might not work for everyone. But maybe just maybe your body loves you enough to give this a go.

Okay so the first thing I have read is to drink water like your life depends on it. This I struggle with, because soda is kind of life. BUT when I do drink water, I immediately feel better about myself. Like, yeah bitch you got this! One glass of water, I will reward myself with a chocolate.

Next thing was to remove sugar from your diet. Now again, my sweets and I have quite a tight bond. So yeah I am not breaking up with candy for a sexy body. But I have noticed that drinking tea with honey or even sugarless coffee helps quite a bit. At first it might taste really bad, but as you take a sip of that godawful coffee, think of the yummy cookies you will be able to eat later.

Then next thing. Putting aside time to workout has never worked for me. I plan this thing, like one hour a day and and and. Yeah no. Choose a body part. Say for instance you want drop dead gorgeous legs. Every time you go to the bathroom, take a minute and do squats. For a week, two weeks however long you think. Then move on to the next body part (still doing your bathroom squats). You want stronger arms? Well before you take a bath, do 10 push ups. And move along like that… Choose 5 daily routines and combine them with the workout you need and you will be well on your way to that body you desire, without actually feeling like you’ve worked out!

Then lastly. This is a recent discovery. Pull your partner closer and jump that boy! I am lucky, my boyfriend has quite a sex drive so it’s easy to get in a fun daily workout. It’s really, really fun to work out this way. I am sure if you research it you will find something stating how true this is. But just trust me. Since starting to see sex as a bit of a workout and putting my all into it, I have reaped the benefits.

If you have any tips or pointers that I can use, feel free to leave them here. I will try everything. As mentioned above, I google, I try and I keep what feels like it’s working!





Reading…is living.


Reading a book is like going for a walk, taking a journey in to the unknown. They say that reading makes you smarter, this is true but, reading is more. Reading is living, loving, hating, laughing, crying and growing. Every book I read, every page I turn and every word I read makes me better. I’ve always loved reading, but lately my interest has been growing.

When you don’t enjoy reading, I think your doing something wrong. I don’t know what, maybe you should try a different book, get to know your genre, change your mindset. I don’t know, but in this post, I am going to try to change the way you (whoever you may be) look at reading.

Proven facts of reading :

  1. It makes you smart! Yeah I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true. Even if you just learn the meaning of a new word, that’s more than you knew before taking on the book.
  2. Reduces stress. Even if it doesn’t take away your problems it helps you forget about them for a while.
  3. It improves your memory.
  4. Improves focus and concentration.
  5. You get to live more lives than non readers.



Now how to get started?

  1. Choose a comfy setting.
  2. Get all of your tools. (coffee, book, pillow, snacks)
  3. Choose an entertaining book, read reviews before hand. Ask people. Choose a book with good comments.
  4. Sign up on Goodreads. Use the site to find books in the specific genre that you are interested in. Rate books. Read reviews. Write reviews. Get social.
  5. Take your time!

“A book is a gift you can open again and again” -Garrison Keiller


Let go.

“Let your past be your spring-board, not your quicksand” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

I’ve spent so many hours thinking about what I could have done differently. Choices I could have made, things I could have said, actions I could have taken.

“What if?” is something that comes to mind. What if I just didn’t say that? Would things be different? or What if I just said yes, just plunged into it head first, would I be different somehow? What if…

What happened, happened. There is no turning back, obviously. There’s no rewind in life. You have to live with what you’ve done. It’s done. Gone. Finished. Let it go. It won’t change if you think about it enough. It won’t make a difference. Why spend your entire life thinking about things you could have done differently?  You are wasting precious time. In a few years, you might not even remember the bad things you’ve done, or didn’t do. Why waste your time on that?

Everyone has a past. Everyone has things they’d rather not talk about. Don’t hover on that. Make your future something worth talking about, worth screaming from the hilltops.

The only way to become a better you in the future is to let go of the you that you were in the past. You can’t go forward if you keep holding on to what is behind you. “They call it a past for a reason.” DSC_0330

Past tense : “a tense expressing an action that has happened or a state that previously existed.”

“A state that previously existed” It is not who you are today. It’s who you were. You can be better. You can be different. It’s all up to you. Don’t let your past define who you’ll be in the future.

Let go.

The inevitable.

Every morning, at around 5 am I wake up, very reluctantly. Every morning the sun rises over the ocean and every night the sun sets.

I am a perfectionist. A rather irritating one at that. I try to control every aspect of my life. I plan ahead, just in case. I don’t like change, not at all. I love routine. I love knowing what’s going to happen.

I won’t say that it’s WRONG to live this way, all I’m going to say is that it is rather boring. Never being surprised because you knew it was going to happen. Never trying something new, because you didn’t plan on it. Always saying “I’d rather not” rather than jumping head first in to the opportunity. Never being able to truly say “Wow” when you experience something, because you already researched it ahead of time, just to be prepared.

This year I am trying to change, trying to take risks, it’s not working. I’m still in my bubble. I looked it up. Obviously. This is what I found.

  1. Know that you won’t always be able to control what happens to you. Life happens, one moment you might be absolutely happy and the next might be an absolute disaster. Life doesn’t have rules, you can’t tell it what to do. Take it day by day.
  2. Stop worrying what other people think of you. You are exactly who you’re supposed to be. What other people think of you is their problem not yours.
  3. Think to yourself : “What is the worst possible thing that could happen?” Then everything less that that will be a bonus.
  4. Face the little fears and the big ones. My biggest fear is not being in control. Physically and emotionally. I don’t like it when a situation is out of my control..
  5. Say YES. Stop thinking about it. Just go for it. It doesn’t matter what you look like or if you hate yourself after you’ve done it. Just say yes, do it and move on. You won’t know it’s a mistake, until you make it.

So yeah, the sun will rise and the sun will set. What you do in between is totally up to you. Make the best of it. I am going to do my best to do it as well… Let’s see.



To my future daughter.


Baby girl.

At the moment, you are not yet a thought. I haven’t met your dad, and you might never exist. But just in case I am blessed one day with the opportunity to have you in my life, I am writing you this letter.

Baby girl, I hope you’ll get to experience everything life has to offer. I hope you are happy and healthy and you enjoy life.

I promise to try my very best to give you everything your heart desires. I will do anything to see you happy and content with what you have.

I promise to teach you manners, because every girl needs them. (Boys too!) I will teach you to be classy and to respect yourself.

Baby girl, Perfection is a lie. It is something that everybody chases after, but nobody truly finds. You are perfect with all of your flaws. Every inch and every curve makes out who you are.  The only thing you will ever be perfect at is being you so don’t be ashamed of who you are. Never doubt yourself because you are exactly who you were meant to be. Be 100% you, and you’ll be contributing to the world.

Relationships… Dearest baby girl. I can’t begin to express how important it is to find someone who treats you like a treasure. Obviously you are going to encounter some, less than suitable candidates, but they only prepare you for the “knight in shining armour” or “Prince Charming” or “Justin Bieber” (please spare me from this one baby girl.) The right guy will fall head over heals in love with who you are.

My baby girl, it is important to show love and kindness. Not because you expect something in return, but because you don’t know everyone’s story. You can’t tell their history by just looking at them. Don’t judge on appearance, wealth or social standing. Show the same kind of generosity to the person begging for food as you do to the person paying your salary. Your heart might seem small baby girl, but you’ll be amazed at how much love it can give.

In conclusion, take risks, care unconditionally, love with no limits and live life baby girl, don’t just try to get by. Life has so much to offer.

I love you dearly!

Your momma.




  1. Worry way too fast.
  2. Get annoyingly curious.
  3. Don’t get up with perfect hair. (Not even close)
  4. Eat too much and complain about my weight gain.
  5. Am not easy to talk to.
  6. Love books more than people. I’m seriously content with a good book and no company whatsoever.
  7. Am shy, I hate public speaking, I have a low self-esteem…etc…
  8. Struggle to admit when I’m wrong.
  9. Don’t like change. (I hate it to be honest) I am really set in my ways.
  10. Am really stubborn.
  11. Don’t communicate well, like I struggle to voice my opinion.
  12. Have a really, really short temper.
  13. Am very doubtful.
  14. Am a terrible cook.
  15. I over think, everything.


“It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine.” – Neil Gaiman

The first step is always admitting you have faults. Realise that you are not alone, we all have things we’d rather not say out loud. Things we’d rather not even think about. I struggle with this a lot. This is the first time that I’ve made an effort to write them down. It’s harder than you might think, because you know they are there, you just don’t want to acknowledge them, because that might make them real.

“The secret is to fall in love with your flaws.” I don’t know exactly what this means. How am I supposed to fall in love with the things that make me doubt myself. It’s hard not to fear our flaws, to hate the things that take away your chance at perfection.

It is important to excel in what you know you are good at. Even if it’s something small that you might think isn’t special enough to put on display. Work on the few things you are capable of and become a master, become the best at the little things you have to offer.

On the other hand, it’s important to embrace your flaws. Work on bettering them, and accept the ones that are carved in to your soul as they make out who you are. Without them, you won’t be able to appreciate your good qualities.

You might not love your flaws, but you have to deal with them.

“Journals are a girls best friend”

DSCN5326According to Wikipedia a diary is : “…a record with discrete entries arranged by date reporting on what has happened over the course of a day or other period.”

To me, it’s so much more. It’s a place I can call home, my safe haven. Ever since 2009 I’ve had a journal. It’s become a dear friend, one I can’t seem to let go of. It is a tradition, see every year for Christmas my older sister buys me a journal and every year, I write down everything that happens to me, what I feel, what I want. It does not matter how dull my day was, I make an effort to write about it.

But… Sometimes I get stuck.

This actually happens quite a lot. I find myself writing just to fill the book.

There are a lot of different sites with a lot of different methods. This is only what I’ve found works for me. It may or may not work for you…

1. First things first make sure you have everything you will need once you start writing. You don’t want to interrupt your train of thought because you need a ruler.

2. Keep it private. You need to be honest when you’re writing and the best way to do that is to ensure that nobody can read it. Find a safe place, out of reach of those curious eyes.

3. Back to “Truth” – It’s important to write the truth. That’s the whole point of a journal. To say what you feel. In 10 years from now you won’t remember that you lied and you’ll believe everything you wrote. Keep it real.

4. Keep what you have written. Don’t destroy pages when those memories aren’t relevant any more. For example if you break up with someone, keep what you wrote, just because you’re angry doesn’t mean what you felt wasn’t real.

5. Be creative. I’ve found that repeating your writing style year after year can get frustrating. There are a lot of different methods to “spice up” your journal. For example use pictures or write about specific topics. This year I decided to write letters. Every journal entry is a letter appointed to someone I know.
For example :

Dear Mother
Hi Mom, today I….

This might not work for you, I’ve only done it for 11 days now and so far it’s going really good.

Keep writing and stay interested.
Your journal can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it all depends on how you treat it!